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Are you always on the go? Kids making a mess in the backseat? Dipping and driving? You need the
Sauce Dot...
Secure a Spot for Your Sauce!


The Sauce Dot was created out of a need to secure your sauce in the car. As a busy, baseball/dance mom, I'm always on the go. And, yes, as much as I hate to admit it, I eat in my car. My whole family eats in the car. It's impossible to drive and hold a dipping sauce at the same time. The Sauce Dot secures the sauce! I got tired of looking in the backseat and seeing a spilled BBQ sauce on the seat or console. The Sauce Dot secures the sauce!
It sticks to almost all the surfaces you would find in the car and it peels right off after use! I've left it on my dash for up to 24 hours and it peels right off, no residue afterwards. The Sauce Dot is versatile and fits most sauce containers from your favorite fast food restauants. As always, use the Sauce Dot at your own risk. (Sauce sold separately).